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Every successful business venture starts with a well-designed work space. If you are looking for office fit out services in Manchester, you have come to the right place.

With over 30 years of experience transforming office spaces into places that promote productivity, efficiency and a positive work environment, you are in safe hands here at Contact One. Applying a user-based approach, let our team of office fit out contractors and specialists take away the stress and help you build a space that is fit for success.

What is a fit out?

A ‘fit out’ is a term used when describing the process of redesigning a space to make it more suitable for purpose. This involves an office fit out company blending a mixture of interior design, decoration and the installation of both mechanical and electrical components to make the space you and your team work in both structured and coherent. The overall aim is to create a space that isn’t just visually impressive, but also practical.

What are the different types of a fit out?

Depending on the size and reason for the fit out, this can fall under two different brackets by assessing what kind of office refurbishment is required.

Cat A fit out

A Category A (Cat A) fit out acts as almost the foundation for any office space that enhances the essentials. This is done by focusing on the: floors and ceilings, work space facilities, and structural works. Its aim is to update and create a modern interior work space that meets regulations and standards of that for potential tenants or occupiers. 

  • Work to be expected for this type would be:
  • Installation of mechanical and electrical systems
  • Basic finishes to internal walls, window coverings and lighting options
  • Raised flooring and suspended ceilings
  • Possibility of stairs and stairwells

It’s also important to note the focus on legal requirements including: smoke alarms, air conditioning, ventilation into the work space and environmental compliance. Typically the rest of any internal decoration would be the task of the occupier, which can be negotiated in line with the signed tenancy contract which stipulates the guidelines of what can and can’t be amended in the space.

Cat B fit out

A Category B (Cat B) fit out focuses on both the office fit out and design of the workspace to fit with the needs and requirements of its occupiers. This is done by focusing on the: visual design possibilities in the office space and the decorative choices made. Both of these elements need to maintain brand and company image. Category B fit outs allow for you to be as creative and customisable as you want.

Work to be expected for this type would be:

  • Office furnishings including desks, chairs and tables
  • Main office area revamps like receptions, board/meeting rooms and dining areas
  • Interior architecture and lighting
  • Visible branding 
  • IT Infrastructure and network systems

Once all these factors have been implemented, the end goal is to have created an office space that is true to brand and fit for purpose. This allows a business to remain functional and promote success. It is important to note that depending on the lease of the space, this may need to be reverted to Category A to retain its original look.

Our approach to a fit out

When it comes to our customers, we can assure you that we are able to bring your vision to life. Our goal is to be able to create a space that works practically for the day to day use of the office but also helps to support the success and efficiency of you and your colleagues. 

Our high level of one to one support between ourselves and the client has allowed us to become one of the leading office fit out contractors in Manchester and create great relationships with clients that come back time and time again.

See what our clients say:

“Workmanship has always been to a high standard with good management structure in place. We have and continue to have a good working relationship with Contact One and would not hesitate in recommending them.” - Stuart Winstanley ASSOCIATE, R. G. PARKINS & PARTNERS LTD

“I unreservedly recommend Contact One and look forward to working with them again in the near future.” - Mark Henderson ROUP PROPERTY AND FACILITIES DIRECTOR, CIVICA

“Overall we are very pleased with the service we received from Contact One, and have been operating in the lovely new space for 4 months now, without experiencing any problems.” - Dr. Emma Hodgson LABORATORY SERVICES MANAGER - UNIFRAX EMISSION CONTROL EUROPE LTD

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